Clips without bylines

Recently someone requested writing samples for product copy, and I realized that while I had scads of published product writeups from the IEEE Computer Society alone, almost none of them had bylines. I decided to scan in the ones that I recognized, or at least sounded like me. Considering the age of the clips, for them to sound familiar is a pretty good indication that I did write them. So, with 85% certainty, here are product copy samples.

For clips with bylines, see my clips page.

It’s not easy being me

Stray apostrophe from The Soup

Et tu, Joel?

I am a lucky woman. My husband thinks it’s hilarious rather than infuriating when I stop a show we’re watching to document idiocies on the screen. See his website, Luggage Tuesdays, for his favorite examples.

It’s hard to resist, because at ZDTV, that was part of my job: to prevent errors from reaching the final broadcast. I loved that, and I wish I could find a station or show that thought getting things correct was important enough to hire a copy-editor. Seriously, let me fix your text.

Not a clip, but a blast from the past

While I was going through a box of papers, I found a heap of old clips from ZDTV, but the most striking one was the goodbye edition of “Stacee’s Daily Dish,” an insider’s look at the production of the daily call-in help show The Screen Savers. I forgot about all the high school photos everyone brought in, and I had only a brain tickle that one of our most supportive fans had created a page for me when he heard I was leaving the show. Good times. Good people.